With your design complete, we can ensure those beautiful plans work their hardest to keep your project on track and blossom into gorgeous spaces.

Construction + Management

We’re able to co-ordinate and manage every element in your indoor/outdoor transformation including interior and exterior fit-out, hard and soft landscaping, lighting and electrical, water features, spas, pools, sculpture and home automation/entertainment.

Following settlement of the concept and compliance documents we can manage the lodgement for approvals and certificates for you, or advise you through the process if you decide to take it on yourself. Once approvals have been processed we can produce detailed construction drawings, as well as continue to manage the project for you, or you are free to manage these subsequent stages on your own.

We can provide you with a selection of qualified and experienced contractors that are confident in all forms of pool and landscape construction, and familiar with wide range of materials to provide detailed construction budgets. The successful contractor will also have a complete understanding of plant and lawn horticultural requirements, so as to ensure a successful installation of the garden design.

Preliminary estimates can be organised at anytime during the design process and we will advise you of the optimum stages to do so. Additional consulting can be arranged on an as required basis. We use modern timekeeping software and can provide accurate and detailed time sheets.

Management Fees

At Osmosis we do not use a percentage-of-construction fee structure, but prefer to provide fee proposals that are tailored to each individual client and provided on a stage-by-stage basis following the initial consultation.

You’re under no obligation to engage us for the entire project and are free to utilise as much or as little of our services on an as required basis. Osmosis can be engaged to project manage single, multiple or all stages of your build to fully realise the initial design intent with the least amount of compromise and headache.

Garden maintenance

Once your construction has been completed we can advise and develop the optimum garden maintenance schedule for your property. Schedules are tailored with consideration of the garden and clients requirements.

We can also organise quotes from Sydney’s leading professional garden maintenance contractors. The successful team will be lead by a qualified horticulturist to ensure the highest standard of care for your garden. We fully brief and work closely with the nominated contractor to ensure that the original design vision for the garden is maintained.

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