Sydney in Bloom 2004 Silver Medal Garden

“Sydney in Bloom” was an annual outdoor-lifestyle exhibition show in the format of England’s “Chelsea Flower Show” that celebrated gardening, flowers, sustainability and garden design while making the most of Sydney’s glorious spring weather. The show was run by the organisers of the annual Melbourne International Garden and Flower Show and ran from 2003 to 2005 in Sydney’s Domain.

Peter’s design for the now affectionately titled “White Garden” was his debut submission in a garden competition after having launched Osmosis only 12months prior, and landed him a Silver Medal. The garden was built on a shoestring budget competing against some of Sydney’s established heavyweights of landscape construction.

The key inspiration for the garden was to create a fresh, light and inviting central courtyard space that evoked design principles from Mordenism, and Japanese Zen gardens and “tsuboniwa” courtyards to produce a space that was equally beautiful to look at from multiple angles as it was practical to use.
Introduced parkland elements such as the large established tree, mounded turf hills and gentle planting and then adapting the traditional dry pebble garden style into a sandblasted poured limestone paved area. These soft garden elements where then counterpointed with subtle geometric forms such as the curved wall with “barcode” foliage windows to emphasise the curve, and the fibonacci paving pattern that accentuates perspective making the 10m x 10m space feel much larger.
The garden design still remains a favourite amongst many of Peter’s clients and colleagues, with Catherine Stewart of AILDM saying of the SIB garden show “One of my favorite gardens was produced by Osmosis… Peter Bachak uses no gimmicks or razzamatazz, just strong design principles to create a deceptively simple garden that still leads the eye around to enjoy many intimate details. Images of Thomas Church’s fluid shapes and the zen influences of tea houses and dry gardens come to mind”
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